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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coloring ...and EGGS too

Here we are coloring easter eggs for the easter bunny to come and hide while we are asleep. Do you notice one egg bigger than all the others? Yup, its a goose egg. Rob ate one already and it was HUGE. This was not the only thing Ethan and Isaac colored this week.
Ethan and Isaac found a permanent RED marker while the babysitter was helping Cosette one night. Both ended up with RED dots all over their arms. They also colored their fingernails and easter baskets. They sure had a good time. When Rob got home all he could do was SMILE because the babysitter had not seen them yet (it had just happened). She got this look of panic on her face when she rounded the corner to see me looking at them. Isaac said " look DAD, stamps". Ethan ended up looking like a tough guy with a tattoo up both arms.

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Joanne said...

what precious pictures. I love the tatoos on Ethans arms. thanks for sharing.

Kid Wisdom

  • 6.9.15 (Sitting in Emma's office writing a string of abc's) Mom: You have to put a tail on the "u". S: You doesn't have a tail, Reesy has a tail.
  • 6.8.15 Isaac: You know, the grass-watering hose thing? Ethan: You mean sprinkler? Isaac: Yes, the sprinkler.
  • 4.1.15 S: I not sleepy {yawn}. Emma: You just yawned. S: What's "yawn" mean? Emma: That you're sleepy. S: I not sleepy!