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Saturday, May 3, 2008

May Day

So here is what we woke up to on Thursday, May 1st!! This was 4 inches of snow. We were woken up in the middle of the night by hailstone pounding the windows, and then saw we got a little more than hail. How crazy is this? I took this picture at about 8:30AM

And then, here is the yard at 5PM on the same day. We're hoping things warm up and stay warm - not HOT - warm. :-)

1 comment:

The Frost Family said...

I can't believe how drastic the change was. I do hope it gets warm for you up there.

Kid Wisdom

  • 6.9.15 (Sitting in Emma's office writing a string of abc's) Mom: You have to put a tail on the "u". S: You doesn't have a tail, Reesy has a tail.
  • 6.8.15 Isaac: You know, the grass-watering hose thing? Ethan: You mean sprinkler? Isaac: Yes, the sprinkler.
  • 4.1.15 S: I not sleepy {yawn}. Emma: You just yawned. S: What's "yawn" mean? Emma: That you're sleepy. S: I not sleepy!