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Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day of the Rest of Our Life...

Pictures will be coming, the camera is in Rob's car right now.

Anyway, I think my friend Julie said it when she talked about the first day of Kindergarten being the first day of the rest of our life. Right now, my family has at least 15 more years of public education to look forward to. Our elementary school starts at 7:55am. I am so glad Cosette is in afternoon Kindergarten!

The weather has been nice. We walk to school and walk home. We live at the top of the hill and pick up friends on our way to school. By the time we arrive, Cassidy and Claire are with us (and their moms). We have quite the adventure.

Unfortunately, since we do live at the top of the hill...walking home is a much bigger undertaking. It's good for me though. I bought a bunch of Klondike bars in a coupon spree a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't tell you how many are left, but there aren't too many.

With Cosette's first day of school came my first day of teaching at the University level. I admit I had tons of jitters, but those wore off quickly as I started to talk. My problem is, I like to talk. I have to bring water with me and slow down if people are going to catch any of the ultra-important things I have to say! This is quite the humbling experience.

Rob just started back to classes as well. We pretty much eat, sleep, and breath "school" at our house right now.


Carters said...

How is Cozy doing at school? Is she just so excited! I imagine she is.

Joanne said...

How wonderful. this is the first day of the rest of your lives. It will go so fast you will wonder where the time went. I know your students will love you. Good luck to all of you. This is an adventure.

belcanto87 said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't even know you were gonna teach! What are you teaching? That's great! And I can't believe that Cosette is in Kindergarten! I should have realized it, but I didn't. Wow. Good thing we're seeing you this weekend!

Kid Wisdom

  • 6.9.15 (Sitting in Emma's office writing a string of abc's) Mom: You have to put a tail on the "u". S: You doesn't have a tail, Reesy has a tail.
  • 6.8.15 Isaac: You know, the grass-watering hose thing? Ethan: You mean sprinkler? Isaac: Yes, the sprinkler.
  • 4.1.15 S: I not sleepy {yawn}. Emma: You just yawned. S: What's "yawn" mean? Emma: That you're sleepy. S: I not sleepy!